Ducminh Nguyen

Video Director / Editor

(slightly under construction)


Krossover // Thank You Coach Film
>> Quick View / director / editor /

Tech brand film for Krossover thanking sports coaches and showcasing the new app. Also a 30-sec commercial

LiLu.NYC // Fashion Film
>> Quick View / director / editor /

Fashion brand film for LiLu.NYC about the night-time freedom and lifestyle fantasy.

Dollop App // Comedy Promo
>> Quick View / director / editor /

Comedy promo (90sec) for mobile app Dollop about a quirky split-screen balloon breakup.

Amex // Hello Paul Pierce
>> Quick View / editor / story-producer /

Amex NBA branded content welcoming Paul Pierce to Brooklyn. CLIO Sports Bronze Award Winner.

Conde Nast // Oyakodon Documentary
>> Quick View / editor / story-producer /

BonAppetit editorial documentary film - Dreams of Sushi, but for Japanese street food.

Sony Fury Film // Blu-ray Teasers
>> Quick View / creative director / editor /

A series of 4 video-meme trailers to promote the blu-ray release of the film Fury online.

Isaora // Triptych Fashion Film
>> Quick View / co-director / editor /

Fashion film about two guys accelerating through their environment. Vimeo Staff Pick.

Aerin (Estee Lauder) // Fragrance Film
>> Quick View / editor / story-producer /

A brand film that explores the memories that shape each new line of fragrances for AERIN Lauder.

Short Film // 10,000 Others
>> Quick View / co-director / editor /

A runner on the verge of a heart-attack has flashbacks, but not of his own memories. Tenlegs Award Winner.

Music Video // Blue Scholars
>> Quick View / director / editor /

A dance/music film about a girl, she's a star, but nobody knows it yet.

Short Film // The Sweatshop
>> Quick View / editor / associate producer /

Two kids in a sweatshop form an unlikely bond. Shnit Festival Winner.

Reebok // Ritual of Trust (spec)
>> Quick View / cinematographer / editor /

Every athlete has a ritual, even a blind triathlete. Shortlisted - Reebok Mofilm Competition.

Bdellium Tools // Date Night Makeup
>> Quick View / director / editor /

In a 3 video series, a girl decides to focus on makeup when date night get crazy.

Ecos // Detergent Commercial
>> Quick View / director / editor /

If you know your detergent is made of harmful chemicals, why wash your clothes in it? Ecos Commercial Finalist.

Zappos // Poof of Happiness (spec)
>> Quick View / creative director / editor /

A magic Zappos happiness box changes the lives of two sad people.

Aerin Lauder // Home Documentary
>> Quick View / editor / story-producer /

Aerin's new lifestyle brand is based on the things closest to her home. Includes 30-sec cuts.

Amex // Brandon Jennings NBA Teaser
>> Quick View / editor / creative /

NBA's Brandon Jennings learned basketball discipline from a young age.